Every department at MegaCorp houses a water cooler. The water cooler in the Sales Department is different from the other water coolers in the building. While employees in the other departments depend on their water coolers to alleviate their parched throats, the employees of the Sales Department never enter into the vicinity of their cooler. It was not always this way. Back when the water cooler was a new addition to the department, employees used it with zeal. But after a few days, whenever more than one employee stood near the cooler, their conversations stammered. Halted. Words lost the ability to escape from mouths. Conversations about the weather, popular television shows, and last night’s game ended. The capacity for the employees to relate to each other on a human level imploded. After, a trip to the water cooler involved an overwhelming sense of dread. All traffic to the cooler ended. Employees of the Sales Department learned to cope with parched throats throughout the duration of their shifts. Not only would the employees live and die alone, but they would also work alone. Sales numbers skyrocketed after the installation of the Sales Department’s water cooler. Upper Management were pleased.

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